Q. What is Kickstarter?

A. Kickstarter is a rich breeding ground of cultural innovation. It is a crowdfunding platform, where creators exhibit their projects and a community of generous and deeply invested patrons support their vision to help bring it to life. Be it board games, comics, tech, music, or film, Kickstarter has helped launch dreams and projects that have been major market disruptors. 

Q. How Does The Funding Work?

A. Our funding goal is $25000. That’s the amount we need to manufacture SHASN at scale and deliver it to you. The campaign runs for a duration of 31 days. You can order a copy of SHASN by becoming a backer - just select one of our available pledges!

Q. Why Should I back SHASN on Kickstarter?

You have a chance to grab an exclusive Kickstarter edition copy of SHASN. By backing us on Kickstarter, you will receive the game much before the rest of the world, get a significant discount on the retail price and also get a ton of extra promotional rewards at no extra cost!

Q. What are pledges? Which one should I select?

A. Pledges are different reward levels that you can select from. If you want to back SHASN (thank you!) but aren’t sure which pledge is right for you, consider this:

If you want just the base game with 1 Campaign Deck, pledge for the Kickstarter Edition. If you want all 4 Campaign Decks (including the Future and Rome add-ons), go with the Presidential Edition. If you want a limited edition, stunning wooden box, go with the Founders Edition pledge. 

Q. Can I change my pledge later on?

A. Yes! You can keep changing your pledge until the campaign is over. After the campaign ends, you can even upgrade your pledge using our pledge manager BackerKit. 

Q. When will my money get deducted if I back the game?

A. Thank you for backing us! Your funds will get deducted at the end of the campaign, provided the funding goal is met. 

Q. Can I change my shipping address after the campaign is over?

A. Yes! A BackerKit pledge manager will be launched soon after the campaign ends! You will be able to edit and re-edit your address till just before the boxes ship!

Q. What are stretch goals? How do they work in SHASN?

A. Stretch goals are additional funding targets that allow creators to make their game even better! The extra funds go towards manufacturing additional content and improving component quality. For SHASN, we have innovated stretch goals in the form of an election, instead of a standard linear series of rewards. Check our updates for more information!

Q. Can I get more than 1 Campaign Deck if I back the Kickstarter Edition of the game?

A. Yes! If you back the Kickstarter Edition, you will have the option of adding the other Campaign Decks to your order through our pledge manager. However, if you want all 4 Decks, it’s more economical to go for the Presidential Edition!

Q. I’m a retailer. Can I place a bulk order?

A. Yes! SHASN cartons will be available to retailers in our pledge manager BackerKit. To get all KS exclusives, simply pledge $1 during the campaign. This will give you access to BackerKit post campaign, allowing you to place your full order.

Q. What are the dimensions of the box? How much does it weigh?

A. The dimensions of the SHASN box are 380 x 220 x 100mm, and it weighs 11 pounds!

Q. Does shipping include VAT, customs, etc? Will I have to pay extra costs once the game arrives?

A. No! Our shipping costs include everything. But the shipping costs will differ depending on the location.

Q. What does ‘SHASN’ mean?

A. ‘SHASN’ is a sanskrit word that means rule, or regime. For a game about political domination and building your reign, it’s quite perfect!

Q. What is ‘Break KS’?

A. Break Kickstarter is an initiative that encourages creators to rethink and innovative their campaigns. Our cinematic trailer and unique stretch goal election is certainly in line with that!

Q. Will SHASN be available in other languages?

A. SHASN is currently available only in English. However, we will translate it into more languages if there is high demand.

Q. What is the timeline of this project?

Our Kickstarter campaign runs from 16th July 2019 to 17th August 2019. The next two months will be spent fine-tuning and locking the final design of the game. Mass production beings in December. SHASN will be assembled and shipped to warehouses across the world over April and May. Keep champagne handy in June next year, when the game arrives at your doorstep.